CAS Indoor Archery Range

12 Lane Range

20 yard indoor archery range open for both bows and crossbows. The targets are Block 48" x 48" range targets. Behind the line, there's a raised viewing platform for observing the action. Enjoy the lounge right next to the range where you can relax and visit while you wait for your turn on the line if it's busy or during indoor leagues.

We also have a Big Shot Targets video target system, which offers all types of options including elk, whitetail deer with both ground and treestand views, African game, antelope and more! The system also has some fun games like a dart board, a shrinking asprin and a knockout game that's fun to share as a group.

The range is also available for use for birthday parties, and is used for 4-H events, youth events and archery lessons.

Range Membership

  • Unlimited 24/7 access year round (keypad entrance).
  • Includes video target system use.
  • Vegas, 5-spot and single spot targets provided.
  • Monthly, annual and family memberships available.